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Plastic Sleeve Pack Box

Item : Plastic sleeve pack box
Loading capacity : 500kg
Thickness : 10-12mm
Certificate : SGS
  • AisPak

Plastic sleeve pack box also named Plastic bulk container, sleeve packs, plastic pallet sleeve box, pallet packaging box, plastic collapsible turnover box, plastic foldable logistics box.

Plastic sleeve pack box is made of high strength, high payload Triple Wall polypropylene structural material also referred to as honeycomb and for the highest payload we offer Thermoformed Twin sheet sleeves. The Sleeve Packis designed for optimum space utilization in the trailer and space saving of 80% on the return (empty) trip.

Plastic sleeve pack box consist of pallet (tray), lid and PP plastic sleeve (PP honeycomb board or PP hollow sheet). The size of the Plastic Sleeve Packs is customized. We can design the lining packaging way (PP sheet knife cards or blister & injection tray) according to the customer’s products

Specification of Plastic sleeve pack box

围板箱 规格

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