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Bubble guard board is an 100% PP board which combines great versatility and high performances.

PP Bubble guard board is a tri-laminate board consisting of three laminated polypropylene layers, of which the middle layer is thermally formed into a strong structure, with a weight range from 700 gsm to 3500 gsm and a thickness range from 3 to 12 mm.

Plastic honey comb sheet

The different processing of the bubble guard board, its efficiency, the wide range of processing and laminating possibilities (with PP textile, carpets, EPP foam and other decorative film) makes of this board the right replacement for more expensive and lower cost-effective materials and the best solution to fulfil the requests of the most disparate branches : automotive, packing, steelworks, woodworks, furniture, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, removals, glassworks, food and beverage, graphics, advertising, promotion and logistics.

PP bubble guard board2pallet sleeves

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