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Plastic Sleeve Contianer

Material : PP & PE
Max Loading : 500kg
Sleeve : 12mm/3000GSM
Height : Customized
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  • AisPak

Plastic sleeve contianer


3-piece Lightweight System

Durable, Reusable, Returnable

High Return Ratio

Low Maintenance

The Plastic sleeve contianer is consisted of 3 parts: Lid, Sleeve and Pallet - designed to store and transport loads of up to 500KG.

The twin-sheet thermoformed Lid and Pallet deliver high strength and load carrying capacity without increasing the weight of the packaging. The reasonable designed walls and ribs provide larger internal dimensions and carrying capacity, a ten-year life expectancy ranging between 50-100 plus trips. Ais-Pak Lid and Pallet are designed with a 3 runner base for stable stacking and compatibility with all standard forklifts for easy handling.

The Sleeve, made of high strength, high payload polypropylene structural material referred to as “honeycomb”, with high physical durability and light-weight. It’s impressive impact and compressive strength due to air-lock technology keeps damage at bay during rough transportation. 

Easy to move and set-up of Plastic sleeve contianer


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