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Plastic Bulk Container

Item : collapsible bulk container
Max loading : 500kg
Sleev material : PP hollow sheet
Color : Customized
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  • AisPak

Plastic Bulk Container

Collapsible plastic bulk container is Reusable, Returnable, 100% Recyclable !!!

Collapsible plastic bulk container also named Plastic sleeve packs container, sleeve container, plastic pallet sleeve box, pallet packaging sleeve, plastic collapsible pallet box, plastic foldable logistics container.

Collapsible plastic bulk containerconsist of pallet (tray), lid and PP plastic sleeve (PP honeycomb board or PP hollow sheet). The size of the Collapsible plastic bulk containeris customized. We can design the lining packaging way (PP sheet knife cards or blister & injection tray) according to the customer’s products.

Collapsible plastic bulk containerare economical bulk shipping containers, lightweight, durable, returnable. We offer many standard sizes and configurations of the Sleeve Packs.

围板箱 规格